Abaut Atamiks Paint Company
"Quality is never an accident: a smart and powerful is the result of effort."

Atamiks Paint Company has been carrying on a business and being in service with a years of experience in the Chemical Industry for 13 years.

Particularly Construction paints, Industrial coating systems, heavy-duty paints, floor coating systems and the special paints which are the requested by the customer with the samples are being produced by Atalaylar Chemical Company.

There is the Professional squad about the self-leveling application which we produce the systems.

We have been serving the labour to the valuable customer by the base on fundamental principles of the Quality and the Customer Satisfaction while commercializing the our products in domestic and foreign markets.

We are going on to improve and grow on this way started the point which we had been produced the quality products belong to the ISO Standarts and served by the Professional squads on by the last tecnology equipments.

Quality and the innovation are the basic factor of company policy improvement.

Our experienced squad has been keeping the company position on the first degrees in front of the opponent with the excellent affairs.

Our Company has succeed of being in demand by the customers with the service before the pre-sale and after the sale by the extensive technical support.

Atalaylar Chemical Company has been carrying on the activities with improving the general quality controlling mechanism by the last technology equipments, educating the technical squad constantly and improving the products variety.

Our products are being produced by using last technology equipments and high quality certificated raw materials.

In the product list, there are interior/exterior construction paints, decorative paints, cellulosic systems, polyurethane, acrylic coating systems and the thinners group systems.

Our mission is presenting our service and the products with the technical solutions by the way of excellent customer satisfaction and by the added plus value Works.




To make Wood safe in the construction industry against to fire by modifying with the fire retarder additives which does not damage to human health.