Harmony of Colors
Becomes Art

  • Interior Plastic Paint
    Plastic paint system based with mineral resins modified that can be useable for the all kind of concreted or old painted walls and also ceiling part surfaces safely, easily can be applied interior areas. Provides a homogen smoothy surface with waterproof and high hiding power facilities.

    Silicone Interior Paint
    Waterbased system with acrylic co polymer resin based by the modified silicone additive designed a topcoat product with matt and silk matt appearance, providing an decorative appearance and protecting surface.

    Interior Silicone Matt/semi matt Paint
    Silicone additive based with acrylic co polymer resin waterbased system, provides a easy washable surface and has excellent resistance against to mold, mushroom effects, designed by the elastic structure, has mat tor semi matt gloss options. It is easily colourized and spreading on to the surface well.


    Waterbased Interior Satin Paint
    For the Interior decorative areas designed that to have a excellent smoothy appearance on the surfaces, contains acrylic resin with silicone additive based system. Especially for the lux applications it is preffered by its satin appearance.


    Plastic Ceiling Paint
    Acrylic emulsion based system has high hiding power facility designed by the special formulation.


    Interior Transparent Primer/binder system
    Especially for the surfaces that high absorbency areas, it can be used safely before the precoating application to decrease the waste and provides the primer system adheses well on to the surface. This system is important application that effects topcoat performance.